Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post #3

 This is a video/article about the loss of creativity in schools.  The presenter cites examples of projects like fill-in-the-blank poems, or drawings done with certain colors. She says students have been subconsciously pushed to do things one way. In elementary school, kids are starting to learn and we should encourage new ways of thinking.  At my school, holiday decorations are created by template and each one is the same.  I know teachers who say the skill is “following directions.”   I think of technology projects I have done with kindergarten. I have given a template to color in.  So where do we draw the line between structure and non-structure?  Why do we insist on templates and step-by-step directions? Control? Lack of time? Fear?  In my next lesson I am going to ask “Why are we doing this in this way?” 
Are teachers doing too much of their work for students”?


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