Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflection #1

In reflecting upon what I have learned so far in CI 579 I am struck by many new insights and thoughts.  I will focus on my two greatest findings thus far.  The first is the power of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs).  Prior to learning about these networks, I had a tendency to become bogged down by technical jargon, new Web 2.0 tools, and just technology itself.  Even though I embrace technology and want to know more I feel there’s only so much one person (me) can do and research in a day.  I tried to go out on my own and research new topics and trends and felt exhausted by the process.  By using Personal Learning Networks I can rely on the collaboration of others who are either experts in the field or those who just have discovered new ideas.  I also learned that I can be using some technologies I already have, such as Twitter, to a greater capacity. Right now, I just use it as a social tool among friends.  I really saw the power in being to connect with professionals all over the world. 
The second concept that I learned about was the Technological, Pedagogical Content Knowledge Model (TPCK).  I found this to be a very informative and useful model for teachers to consider when planning for incorporating technology into their instruction.  So many times I feel technology instruction is hit or miss.  Sometimes it is not clear why the technology is being used for a specific purpose.  The TPAK model allows the educator to make sound pedagogical choices when delivering instruction.  It helps provide educators with content knowledge and helps guide them to what needs to be taught and the best way to teach it.  I will definitely be utilizing this model in my own instruction. 
I plan to use more Personal Learning Networks to continuously expand my growth in educational technologies.  My teaching will be benefited by the use of the TPCK model as I believe it will help make me more succinct in my lesson delivery to students.

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