Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Post #1

Visual Notes: Digital Literacy, Week 2 from by Angela Maiers posted March 19, 2011
This post dealt with the abundance of information and its relevance, reliability, and real time qualities.  We certainly are living in exponential times and dealing with information overload. There is so much to attend to, that we have to choose what is important otherwise we get bogged down easily.  One way to do this is by creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN). Since no one can spend all their time acquiring the vast amount of information that is available, we can rely on others to share their findings and then decide if it’s worthy information.  Another way to help with organization is to tag information in delicious or diigo. You can also friend others and see what sites they have tagged. This increases your knowledge and amount of information but saves you time.

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