Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post #4

This is in response to Steve Dembo’s post titled The Trouble With Alts .It is frightening to me that many kids are able to just sign up for anything online.  Kids can misrepresent themselves online and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. They potentially could put themselves in danger.  They are able to sign up for sites and there is no accountability for the information that is put into the site registration.  This scares me.  I think we need to help teach kids to be responsible digital citizens and that means making ethical decisions with accounts.  Many kids have the perception that everything online is trustworthy and it contains factual information and that those “you won a free laptop” pop-ups are true.  Many kids as well as parents are completely unaware of terms of service of many sites out there.  It starts with responsible registration and ownership of one’s actions.


  1. Karen,


    What is the URL that goes directly to where you posted?

    Dr. T